Forms of profit taking of investors?

Investors can take profits in the following ways:

  • Reselling to App: Investors may resell their investment to the App (Sunshine Tech will refund the investment) according to the commitment to repurchase and pay investors the minimum profit.
  • Choosing to sell reference products (with 100% voting): At the end of the investment package, if the investor(s) decides to sell reference products as a basis for calculating profits, the investor(s) may decide to sell at a price not lower than the total value of the App’s investment redemption or selling through an agent with the price and sales policy of the Principal. Profits from selling apartments out in these two ways are used as a basis for calculating the value of profit paid to investors under the terms of the cooperation contract. Investors still receive additional fixed profits.
  • In addition, during the investment period, investors may also transfer their investments to other investors to recover capital and profit.