1. About Sunshine Tech (SST)
    1. Sunshine Tech is a member company of Sunshine Group (SSG), a pioneer in the market of developing and applying information technology and internet of things (4.0) in managing and operating real estate projects, business management, investment cooperation to optimize costs, bring profits and best experience for partners, customers, residents, and create a significant competitive advantage in the market.

    2. Sunshine App is a software platform supporting investment cooperation transactions to perform quickly and conveniently. Investment feature on Sunshine App has many different advantages. Sunshine App allows customers to participate in investment cooperation with a flexible capital, only from 100 million. When investing on Sunshine App there is no risk of loss because Sunshine Tech is committed to profit and plus reference profit from the selected real estate. The real estate is on the list to refer to the profitability when the investment has a prime location with the unique design of Sunshine Group – a reputable investor, a well-known brand name in the market.

  2. Terminology concept
    1. Sunshine App is a super app built and developed by Sunshine Tech. Sunshine App fully meets all the needs of users from buying – selling – leasing, investment cooperation, project consulting, consumer loans, entertainment, car booking, maid, travel, education, health care, shopping, house management…

    2. A business cooperation contract is a written agreement signed between the cooperation party (“Investors”) and Sunshine Tech. In particular, Sunshine Tech will agree to receive and manage the contributed capital of investors to carry out production and business activities, investment which are not contrary to the provisions of law, investors will receive committed profits and increased profits according to the reference real estate value.

    3. It is real estate under different projects selected by investors, as a reference when calculating the profit between the selling price and the initial value at the time of investment.

    4. The investment round is the investment process of investors in a defined period. The investment round is from opening of the investment round for investors to register investment until the end of the term.

    5. Deferred payment interest is the fine that investors are entitled in case Sunshine Tech delays the payment of profits to investors in accordance with the Business Cooperation Contract.

    6. Voting is the thing that investors make a choice about the plan to receive profit at the end of the investment period. The voting rate for the plan to receive profit is 100% that the investor agrees, that is, all investors in the same reference product choose a plan to receive profit as prescribed in the Business Cooperation Contract. The voting rate must be 100% to ensure consensus and limit disputes between investors.

    7. Investors are not allowed to withdraw capital before the term, however investors can use the advance and transfer feature to serve their short-term financial needs.

    8. Investors can use the advance feature after 03 months from the date of closing the investment right. Advance fee is calculated by fixed profit + 2%; Overdue advance fee is calculated by minimum profit + 4%.

    9. After the end of the investment term, investor(s) who jointly select an investment reference product will be given priority to buy the product with the sales policy of the Principal.

    10. Sales policy will be given 45 days before voting.

    11. This depends on the policy from time to time published on the App.

    12. In the event that the product has not been fully invested after the deadline for closing the investment round, investors who want to invest more may buy back the investment of that product from other investors or make additional investments when Sunshine Tech openes the next round of investment.

      • Register an account: Investors download and register an account on the App.
      • Investment registration: The App will open an investment round for registered investors within 15 working days. After registering an account, choosing a project, choosing a building, choosing a reference apartment that you want to invest, only pay a deposit of 10% of the value of your investment and sign a business cooperation contract to confirm the transaction.
      • Finalizing right of investment: After 15 days above, investors have 5 next working days to transfer the remaining investment amount. After 5 working days, the investment right will be confirmed and profit will be calculated from this time.
    13. Investors can take profits in the following ways:

      • Reselling to App: Investors may resell their investment to the App (Sunshine Tech will refund the investment) according to the commitment to repurchase and pay investors the minimum profit.
      • Choosing to sell reference products (with 100% voting): At the end of the investment package, if the investor(s) decides to sell reference products as a basis for calculating profits, the investor(s) may decide to sell at a price not lower than the total value of the App’s investment redemption or selling through an agent with the price and sales policy of the Principal. Profits from selling apartments out in these two ways are used as a basis for calculating the value of profit paid to investors under the terms of the cooperation contract. Investors still receive additional fixed profits.
      • In addition, during the investment period, investors may also transfer their investments to other investors to recover capital and profit.
    14. Investment packages will depend on the policy from time to time and be published on the App.

    15. Investors are subject to 5% tax on profits received under the PIT law or another percentage as prescribed by law at the time of receiving profits. Sunshine Tech will deduct part of the profit paid to investors to pay taxes as prescribed.

    16. Vietnamese living abroad are allowed to invest with the Sunshine App. However, in the process of implementing investment, it is necessary to make the signing documents. Sunshine Tech will deploy electronic signatures for investors in foreign countries and provinces across the country to make investment more easily and conveniently.

    17. This fee may vary depending on the policy from time to time and is currently prescribed at 4%/selling price, not collected by investors but deducted from the reference profit when paying to investors.

    18. Investors place buy/sell order on the App. If a buyer/seller matches the order given by the investor, the system will send a notice so that the investor and the transferee will have to pay to Sunshine Tech within 24 hours from the time of matching order. The investor and the transferee choose schedule to go to Sunshine Tech headquarters to complete the transfer document and Sunshine Tech will transfer the transfer money to the investor.

    19. Sunshine App does not have a policy on collecting transfer fees yet, however, investors will be charged transaction fees via banks (if any).

    20. Investors are entitled to transfer a part of their investment but that investment cannot be lower than the minimum value of VND 100 million.

    21. Investors can register to buy directly from the Principal after the end of the investment term.

    22. Investors are not limited number of reference products are diversifying investment portfolios.

    23. After the investor makes a 10% deposit of the investment value, the investor will sign a cooperation contract with Sunshine Tech. After that, if investors do not transfer the remaining 90% of the value of the investment within 5 working days from the date of closing the investment registration, investors will not be refunded the amount of the previous deposit.

    24. An investor can invest 100% of the value of a product in case no other investor chooses the same product.

    25. The transfer function will be displayed on the App after 3 months from the date of closing the investment right to the time of voting to take profits.

    26. To avoid legal risks as well as ensure the rights of investors, investors should sign documents at Sunshine Tech headquarters to check identity and signatures, or if not signed at Sunshine Tech headquarters, local notarization is required to confirm.

    27. Investors with liquidity demand can sell their investments during the investment period to other investors or use the advance function and not are allowed to shorten the term.

    28. Investors who introduce to others will receive a commission according to the policy of the App.

    29. The payment will be made within 5 working days from the end of the term. In case of late payment, the late payment interest shall be calculated on the delayed payment amount corresponding to the time of late payment. Currently, the interest rate of late payment is applied at 10%/year and may be changed from time to time.

    30. To ensure benefits when investing, investors need to provide their full name, ID card, phone number, email, photograph of ID card and bank account number used for the transaction.

    31. Limitation of time is necessary to ensure benefits for investors in paying profits.

    32. Investors may choose to sell reference products out with a minimum price not lower than the Redemption price.

    33. When a product is sold to customer of a investor group, that customer will have to pay 100% of the purchase price of that product to the Principal. The App will redistribute profits based on the reference profit calculation for the investors in the group as announced profit policy.

    34. There is currently no provision for extension, after the 30-day period the product is not successfully sold, the investment will be automatically resold to the App.

    35. All information is published transparently on the App to ensure benefits for investors.

  3. Compare and assess risk
    1. There are currently no bank guarantees. The investment is guaranteed to pay by Sunshine Group.

    2. All individuals and organizations have the right to participate in business cooperation activities under the provisions of the Civil Code 2015 and the Investment Law 2014 without applying for permission. When Sunshine Tech uses cooperative capital for different purposes, it must be sure to comply with the regulations on licenses and approvals from the State Agency (if any, as the case may be).

    3. Investors can see the basic information that other investors allowed App to publish. All other information of investors is committed to keep confidential by Sunshine Tech.